A selection of thoughts and notes.


This started out as a place for me to note down thoughts and ideas.  In the end I did one article, on XML-RPC, the content of which I probably disagree with!  Rather than remove this section however I'm expanding the scope to include just general notes on bits of knowledge that I've picked up and would like to remember.



Setting up dovecot antispam, postfix and bogofilter 28-01-2017: An updated guide, this time using bogofilter, for getting dovecot, antispam and postfix up and running
Setting up dovecot antispam, postfix and dspam 21-03-2011: How to get dovecot, dovecot antispam, postfix and dspam working together on Ubuntu
Zeroconf support in FC5 08-04-2006: How to get Zeroconf hostnames working in FC5
Gamma correction and editing photos 14-01-2004: Why gamma correction of images is (mostly) not required
How to make Windows use CUPS IPP 20-07-2003: Notes on how I got Win2k/XP to use CUPS on Linux via IPP
Change Notification Web Service 08-04-2003: Some thoughts on an alternative to polling for RSS
CSS Notes 14-11-2002: Notes on working with CSS
XML-RPC 09-03-2001: Some of my thoughts regarding the use of XML-RPC
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