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It's tricky finding the right words to sum up who you are in a short bio. Eating out, long walks, playing with the children, an outside fire on a summer evening as it starts to drop cold, fresh snow, blue skies, walking through forests, being near water, learning new things.

A big part of my identity is wrapped up in the places I've lived: York during my university years, Toronto from 2000 through the end of 2004, London and surrounding towns for most of my professional career and currently Stockholm which has been home since mid-2019.

While the places I've lived have been core to my life, my professional career in the telecommunications software and consulting industry has also played a big role.  I've over time moved from a purely technical / implementation focus to now focussing on the business development aspects. In the past I've had opportunity to travel for business and enjoyed the opportunity to see more of the world, something I'm hoping to resume.

I've always been interested in software, working on many different projects over the years.  This site documents many of them.  My current languages of choice are Go for backend server development and Dart / Flutter for front-end development.  I've recently ported by old expense tracking Android app (ExpenseClam) to Flutter and released it on the Play Store as DO:Expenses.

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