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An introduction to Colin Stewart.

I live near London and work for Amdocs, a major telecommunications software and consulting firm.  My personal interests mainly revolve around mobile phone software, Golang, web publishing and photography.  Many of my photos can be found on my sporadically updated weblog.

I've been working professionally in the software industry since 1998 starting with Logica as a software developer working on a gas billing and customer care application.  I then moved into IP billing and provisioning as a lead developer, before moving to Toronto where I joined Amdocs.

In Toronto I became a project lead and then a Solutions Architect, working on projects ranging from dial-up ISPs through to mobile data rating and provisioning on a 1XRTT CDMA mobile network.

In 2005 I moved back to the UK and took up a new position with Amdocs working out of central London.  Areas of focus since then have included Service Fulfilment for B2B fixed-line telecommunications products (IPVPN, Ethernet, etc) and order management of mobile wireless services.

I've recently developed an interest in the Go programming language and have recently authored a distributed commit log called Forest Bus.

Outside of my professional work I've created a few open source applications and utilities (see my resources page), mostly in Python. 

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