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The download includes API documentation, setup script, and library.


Version 0.7

New features

  • Added minimal support for SetupTools.

Bug fixes

  • Changed "error.timeout" to "socket.timeout".
  • Changed package name from "WSGI Utils" to "WSGIUtils" for greater compatibility with other tools.

Version 0.6

New features

  • Common network errors (e.g. "Software caused connection abort") are now logged and suppressed.

Version 0.5

Changes contributed by Ian Bicking.

New features

  • Application exceptions are now logged on the server side.

Bug fixes

  • Application iteration objects should be closed after each request.

Version 0.4

More API cleanups and some bug fixes.

New features

  • Request object provides ability to redirect (303) to another page.
  • Removed client IP address from session management.

Bug fixes

  • Port number should be provided as number rather than string in SERVER_PORT.

Version 0.3

The API for wsgiAdaptor has been cleaned up and extended in this release - please refer to the API documentation for details.

New features

  • Serving of files can be disabled by passing in serveFiles=0 to the wsgiServer constructor.
  • wsgiAdaptor API cleanup.

Bug fixes

  • Applications registering for a particular URL now receive all requests for that URL's children paths.

Version 0.2

New features

  • Added some unit tests.

Bug fixes

  • Use a time stamp rather than the client IP as the second part of the session ID so that it works for WSGI implementations that don't provide the client IP.
  • Session last access time wasn't updated when it needed to be (sessions timed out).
  • Moved session server logging configuration to daemon.

Version 0.1

Initial release.

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