wsgiServer API


This module provides a multithreaded WSGI server implementation.

WSGIServer (serverAddress, applicationMap, serveFiles=1)

The serverAddress parameter is a (address, port) tuple that specifies the interface and port number that the server should listen on.  The applicationMap parameter is a dictionary object that contains a map between URL paths and WSGI applications.  All requests beneath the URL path will be passed to the relevant application (i.e. an application that registers '/appone' will receive all requests that begin with '/appone').

If serveFiles is true then any GET requests that do not match an application will be served as normal HTTP file requests.

The class is a sub-class of both SocketServer.ThreadingMixIn and BaseHTTPServer.HTTPServer.


server = wsgiServer.WSGIServer (('localhost', 1088), wsgiCallable)
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