Automatic uploading using PubTal.

PubTal can automatically upload a website to an FTP server.  To enable this feature, one or more <Upload> directives must be added to the site's configuration file

To determine what files require uploading, PubTal uses the following technique:

  • When PubTal writes a file, it records a checksum for the file (stored in the PubTalData/localCache file by default).
  • When PubTal uploads a file, it records the checksum of the file it uploaded (stored in a server-specific file in PubTalData/).
  • When asked to upload a site, PubTal compares the two checksum files.  If there is a new file, or different checksum for an existing file in the localCache, then it will upload the file.

Normally PubTal will not upload files that it didn't generate, however this can be overridden by passing the --all command option to uploadSite.py.  This causes uploadSite.py to checksum all files that PubTal didn't generate, and again compare them to the upload checksum file.

PubTal can be forced to upload files that it thinks haven't changed by using the --force command option.  Similarly PubTal can mark files as being up-to-date by using the --uptodate command option.

A full list of the different command options available are given in the Commands Reference.

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