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The download includes installation instructions, the manual, and working examples of how PubTal can be configured and used.


PubTal requires Python 2.5 and SimpleTAL 3.8 or higher to be installed.


Version 3.5

Bug Fixes

  • Updated Textile plugin to work with python-textile 2.1.4 (thanks to Rodrigo Gallardo for the fix)

Version 3.4

Bug Fixes

  • File seperator characters (e.g. /) can now be used in weblog title names.
  • Replaced use of md5 module with hashlib
  • Wrapped all instances of a String being raised as an exception with the Exception class.

Version 3.3

New Features

  • Changed example template for Atom to use content rather than summary tags.  This enables better display of the feed in Sage.
  • Added new option "weblog-index-disabled" to allow the index page of a weblog to be disabled.
  • Made filename optional for catalogue entries when catalogue-build-pages disables item page build.

Bug Fixes

  • Added TR to the list of allowed tags with TABLE element.

Version 3.2.1

New Features

  • Sort files during FTP so that fewer directory changes are required.
  • Added a short sleep between FTP commands to improve reliability.

Bug Fixes

  • Change MANIFEST.IN to include the Atom and RSS XML templates.

Version 3.2.0

New Features

  • Changed "hostname" configuration keyword to "url-prefix", making the "absoluteDestinationURL" property available across all templates
  • Added support for Atom 1.0 to the weblog plugin
  • Updated "full-weblog" example atom.xml template to support Atom 1.0

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed stray "self" in SiteConfiguration (thanks to Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz)
  • Switch from utf-16 to utf-8 internally to avoid broken SAX library issue

Version 3.1.3

New Features

  • Special path "readFile" allows page-specific files to be included in the expanded content.

Bug Fixes

  • Textile plugin would fail because the Textile library performs Unicode conversion.


Version 3.1.2

Added the automatic generation of   characters for HTMLText and OpenOffice content.

New Features

  • Automatically add   as required to the output of HTMLText and OpenOffice content.
  • Added ability to suppress   generation using the new preserve-html-spaces configuration option.

Version 3.1.1

This version includes an updated version of TimeFormat that fixes two major issues.

Bug Fixes

  • PubTal should now work under Windows.
  • Timezones east of UTC are now handled correctly.

Version 3.1.0

New Features

  • Date's can now be formated using TimeFormat codes.
  • Support for plain text output added for HTMLText and OpenOffice.
  • Weblog support is now included.
  • Configuration files can now specify file types within sub directories.

Bug Fixes

The previous release did not work correctly under Fedora Core 2.  The bugs fixed in this release address compatibility with Fedora.

  • OpenOffice plugin now disables external lookups of DTDs for those Python XML libraries which support this.
  • File paths are now converted to UTF-8 before being placed into the database files.  This fixes crashes under Fedora Core 2.
  • Unit test cases no longer throw errors under PyXML.

Version 3.0.1

(Note: Version 3.0 has been withdrawn.  There was a bug in the which meant that the OpenOffice plugin did not install correctly.  The only difference between 3.0 and 3.0.1 is a fix for this bug.)

Support for FTP upload of sites has been added, along with many other features and fixes.

New Features

  • Upload to an FTP site is now supported.
  • OpenOffice content can now support Images.
  • OpenOffice content now produces bidirectional footnotes.
  • Added the ability to determine which files have really changed, which reduces the number of files PubTal has to upload.
  • OpenOffice and HTMLText produced nicer HTML output.
  • HTMLText is stricter about the use of valid HTML.
  • User interaction is substantially nicer.
  • Logging can be enabled and sent to a file using command line parameters.
  • Parts of a site can be given a specific class, which will then not be built without passing a command line parameter.
  • New CSVSortedTables content type plugin.

Bug Fixes

  • Using file types in <Template> directives now works correctly (thanks to Caio Chassot for the bug report).
  • XHTML output is now correctly written as XML, for templates without XML declaration.
  • If a plugin, implemented as a Python module, raises an exception during import, PubTal will now issue a warning and continue.

Version 2.1

This minor update brings support for authoring pages in OpenOffice.

New Features

  • OpenOffice word processor documents can now be used as web page content.
  • AbiWord documents can now be used as web page content.

Bug Fixes

  • Plugins wrapped in packages now work.

Version 2.0

This major new version adds support for XHTML, new content types and simplified configuration.  Note that you must have SimpleTAL 3.6 or higher to use PubTal 2.0.  Also note that configuration files for old sites will need to be updated (see README.txt in the download).

New Features

  • XHTML is now supported!
  • The new Template configuration directive allows:
    • template/output character set encoding to be specified
    • template/output content type to be specified (HTML or XML)
    • The DOCTYPE for XML template to be specified.
  • The character-set directive can be specified for different content file types, directories, and files.
  • Added the ability to suppress the XML Declaration (useful for IE6)
  • Unified FileType, File and Directory configuration directive into a new Content directive.
  • A new SiteConfig option "additional-plugins-dir" allows site specific plugins to be specified.
  • Two new content-type's are now supported: Binary and Raw (Thanks to Florian Schulze for the contribution!)

Bug Fixes

  • The ispage function now works under Windows (thanks to Florian Schulze for the patch)
  • Various character-set encoding oversights fixed.

Version 1.2

The two major highlights of this release are: enhancements to the Catalogue feature and support for plugins.

New Features

  • Plugins are now supported to make the addition of new content types easier.
  • Textile plugin provides support for content markup using Textile.
  • Catalogues can treat entries as being PubTal content.  This allows the generation of a content page and individual chapter files.  (Uses new option 'catalogue-item-content-type')
  • The generation of <br> elements in HTMLText content can be turned off using the new option 'htmltext-ignorenewlines'.

Bug Fixes

  • Renamed the Catalogue property 'items' to 'entries' to avoid the conflict with the dictionary method of the same name.

Version 1.1

Bug fixes and the introduction of catalogue support.

New Features

  • Catalogues added - these allow collections of data to be handled (e.g. photos).

Bug Fixes

  • Almost all HTML elements are now supported in content.

Version 1.0

The first release of PubTal!

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