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Welcome to Colin Stewart's home on the Internet.  My website is divided into two main parts: The things that I am still interested in (Current) and those that are no longer actively pursued (Archive).  The three most active parts currently are:

Web Journal My weblog/online journal.
SimpleTAL A standalone Python HTML & XML template library
PubTal The software used to maintain OwlFish.com - builds HTML pages from text files.

Hopefully there is something here for you to enjoy!


A lot of my spare time these days is being spent working on Splash of Wine, a website for reviewing wines.


25/04/2011 Release 3.5 of PubTal uploaded.
21/09/2010 Release 4.3 & 5.1 of SimpleTAL uploaded.
10/06/2010 Release 3.4 of PubTal made available.
15/08/2009 Release 5.0 of SimpleTAL uploaded, adding support for Python 3.1
21/05/2009 Release 3.3.0 of PubTal made available.
14/03/2006 Release 3.2.0 of PubTal made available.
22/01/2006 Relase 4.1 of SimpleTAL uploaded.
12/12/2005 Relase 4.0 of SimpleTAL uploaded.
27/02/2005 Release 3.1.3 of PubTal made available.


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